Friday, January 2, 2009

I started this blog so I could do something with my music...I've got the blog, now it's just on to getting my music recorded! lol tough stuff!
I'm having a lot of fun running around on random web pages for this blog and trying to figure out how Gadgets work. It doesn't work very well, but hey, it's a lotta fun! I'm trying to set up a pic slideshow right now...but I don't have very many pix and I don't really know how to make it all work! Ah Technology...I suppose I shall have to ask someone to figure this out for me or I'll be stuck for life!
Well, I'm quite happy. All the snow here is finally melting away and leaving us. To be sure, I was overjoyed to have my FIRST white Christmas, but now that Christmas has come and gone, I wish the snow would leave too. Happy New Year!

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